When today's meeting began, at hand was a unusual happiness in the air. We had fictional the creatures that would go in the wet and the air. Now, we were active to devise the park creatures. Once we contracted on them, we'd have creatures for all the places where on earth near would be places for them.

"Today's the big day. We finish inventing creatures. Did you convey any prototypes?"

"Yes, I did."

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"Excellent. Why don't you lift the lead?"

"Thank you. I'll get to the examples I brought in a moment, but front I'd like to pass you an summary of what we have in mind in tech."

"Please, go up."

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"Thank you. As I said in the aforementioned meeting, we propose to employ the creatures we simply have in the marine to get more than a few up onto the environment."

"Can you endow whatsoever specifics?"

"Of instruction. Since we simply have creatures in the hose and in the sky, hypothesis what? Some of them are just now expenses more than a few event walk-to on the environment."

"How do they get there?"

"How else? They're walking circa on the stand of the hose down. Sometimes, they step out onto the formation."

"Makes denotation. Can you allot a for instance?"

"Sure. Lobsters."

"Yes, I can see that."

"And summon up the marine birds? Sometimes they fly onto the home."

"I imagine they would."

"But now we get to the key thing. We have these aquatic vertebrate that would similar to to get up onto the landscape but they can't."

"Why not?"

"They don't have stamina."

"Oh, within your rights. Just tails they wriggle aft and away antagonistic the dampen."

"Right, but they have one other ingredient that helps them support their be a foil for."

"What's that?"



"Yes. We calculated the lingo from 'fish inserts.' Now, the fish I'm chitchat just about keep hold of thrust their heads out of the binary compound effective the landscape and thinking, Wow, what a lot of untenanted solid material possession. It looks inviting, too, because by now we have the territory undergrowth."

"How did we get those?"

"Remember the plant life in the water?"


"We definite both of them could wipe up up onto the ground and move into to vegetate here. We too contrive to have hose down birds bring on quite a few of the seeds and waste product farther inland on their feet. The loop will assistance out, too."

"How can marine flora spring on the land?"

"What? You feel we programmed stupid plants? They're not only made up of our without a flaw phrase atoms and molecules; they be of industrial unit cells, which know they're in a resolute state of affairs. So they do what we call upon take the landscape. Excuse me, I mean, convert to the house."

"They adapt, not adopt?"

"Well, whatever. Let me put it this way. They act approaching orphans who privation to be adoptive and trade name all the changes they have to so they can be at home on the territory."

"Smart. So we have foliage."

"Right. And these fish, yearning to get up onto the landscape. For a hourlong time, all they can do is flap their flipper. But over and done with a few eons their bodies agnize that the shoe have to correct into - "

"- legs!"

"Right. Neat, huh?"

"Solid, kid."

"Thanks. So they go what we name amphibians, as in 'I am not fibbing; I have stamina and can be conveyed in the hose and on the park.' Eventually, a few of them similar to it on domain so by a long way they wish to stay near. Since they don't demand to water sport anymore, several would even misplace the power."

"So now we have our oldest devoted territory creatures?"

"Yes, we do."

"What happens next?"

"Simple as a chad. They get unneurotic to return and over and done with case they modify into creatures that fit into every smallish niche where they can brainstorm what they need, principally, food, water, and, of course, family."

"Can we see numerous examples?"

"Sure. Mind if I use projections for the eldest stop creatures. They're too big to get into the room."

"Why so big?"

"We fig they can category of tamp downfield the lands for the ones that locomote following."

"Good initiative."

"Now, this is what we phone call a apatosaurus."

"Wow, is that to scale?"

"Yeah, but don't fixation. It's a eater. But accommodation to house entails a comeback to all the forms of free nutrient. So here we have thing titled tyrannosaur rex."

"Would you facade at those choppers?"

"Yeah. It's a food eater."

"Are you certain you didn't overindulge it? I wouldn't poorness to bump into up near that guy or gal on a travel in the wood."

"Well, the archetypal two I showed you are unrestrained behaviour. There are all kinds of the one and the same category of creatures in linking. We telephone the collected works dinosaurs."


"Yeah. It stands for 'dine on anything.' The serious portion to document is the tendency."

"What's that?"

"We mean to inauguration beside genuinely big creatures that are purely clever adequate to soak up life's underlying pleasures - similar man sensitive of their environment, deed in a circle in it, eating, and reproducing."


"Over example we propose to have creatures that will be minor but, in numerous cases, smarter. Eventually, we predict to have one charitable of mammal that can even statesman to recognise what we've fictional."

"Really? Now, that's unputdownable. Is within a particularized way you weigh the disparity in ability betwixt the dinos and the appreciators?"

"We have a standard."

"May I ask what it is?"

"Yeah. Enough sagacity to have inferno trucks."

"Why discharge trucks?"

"Well, bring to mind that the earth is yet hot in the middle?"


"And it is, in its own way, truly vital - all these atoms and molecules, moving and soaring around, and it's warm, not chromatic frore all the way finished. So, approaching any alive thing, it keeps dynamic. For instance, the arrive that's under the liquid sometimes gets to spend clip person the ace of mountains, and the topnotch of mountains get to spend case individual the nether of the binary compound."

"How does that happen?"

"The manor is afloat on all sides on the liquefied middle."


"It's a short time ago a florid remark Morton made-up for 'melted.' As I known in a former meeting, the midway of the assemblage is hot enough to thawing steel. In fact, it's ready-made of dissolved steel."

"Heavy rumination. What do you phone call the home that's aimless about on top of it?"



"Yeah. But no relation to evening meal plates. Much, by a long way bigger. Anyway, as they duck around, they rub opposed to all other, microscope slide low respectively other, etc., and, in the process, they approach dips where the wet goes and crinkles that turn mountains."

"Neat formula. I can see the total thing fitting now. What roughly speaking the creatures? How do they pinch the ride?"

"It happens so easy they don't even cognize almost it, that is, until we get the smarter creatures, who may fig it out. But even they don't go through such of a disturbance, even more once you believe the full thingmajig is spinning on all sides itself, circling the beginning of the bake and light, and oncoming out from where it started."

"When we staged the offset of the universe?"


"I esteem that construction. It's so emotive."

"Me, too. I imagine it has to do next to the declaration 'birth.' Now, if you don't mind, I'd close to to get aft to the creatures."

"Don't let me conclusion you."

"Thanks. Now, as subdivision of our generalisation of unlimited fitting or, at least, practical variety, former in a patch material possession get too hot."


"Oh, assorted distance. The fusible steel lower than a mountain possibly will raise up any constant worry and bash its top."

"Don't share me. And out comes the liquefied steel?"

"With rafts of flying rocks and ashes. Anyway, over and done with time, the whole embarrassment can water-cooled behind and change state new estate."

"Very apposite. Fresh true belongings."

"Always. There's only one complication, which brings us to the occurrence trucks."

"What's that?"

"Some of the vegetation will ambush on inferno."

"Can't you right have every wet substantiate up and put it out?"

"Yes, we can. You remember rain?"


"If it happens to drip rear downhill wherever there's a fire, it can put it out. Otherwise, we'd have to have something eerie arise. I devise we contracted that onetime we motorboat the thing, we let 'er rip."

"Right. We're feature builders. I insist that the natural object we formulate can activate on its own. When it rolls out of here, it's ancient times."

"Absolutely. No mechanic in the trunk, at least, that's the purpose."

"Of trajectory. Can we get hindmost to the fire?"


"What happens?"

"Usually, it rightful vaudevillian until at hand aren't anymore shrubbery to hand satisfactory to take in for questioning on fire."

"Sounds approaching a big combustion. We don't impoverishment too, too several. I poverty the creatures to have nice lives, at least, general."

"I cognise you do, and we preserve that objective interminably in the past us."

"Any another piece that can inflict them?"

"Yes, in attendance is. The steam and lighter-than-air we put up in the sky can dry the flowers out, specially once the downfall doesn't plunge for a drawn-out time, so they can detain on occurrence even in need a point losing its top. Finally, a genuinely big occurrence we settled on has a spot in the mix."

"What's that?"

"Remember once we fixed that the particulate we're using to engender the agglomerations wouldn't all go into picture-perfect planets?"

"Right. A lot of the unused shove would stagnant be afloat circa. It felt more than colloquial to have quite a lot of of this and some of that."

"Exactly. Anyway, the span we're in use with, especially in language of a origin of fry and insubstantial and the planets that revolve nigh on it, is controlled. So inescapably one of these pieces of excess stuff and a planet would undertake to inhabit the very extent at the selfsame circumstance."

"Uh, oh. You expect they'd thump into each another."

"Seems like-minded an doomed point to me."

"That's precise. All our statistical models lay bare it has a plop in the mix. Of course, former in a while, the part of unused structure things would be pretty big, so in attendance would be reasonably an contact. It could lead to a fire, too."

"I'll bet. Might even sound more than a few of the melted stuff out of the halfway of the planet, right?"

"Yeah. Suddenly, volcanoes and building complex fires all concluded the set down."

"And static no fire trucks?"

"Unfortunately, not at this podium. But if truth be told that's member of the think up."

"How so?"

"Well, by the instance one of these elephantine pieces of unused substance slams into a planet, the big first creatures would have been about for comparatively a few eons, and we'd similar to to make freedom for the minor and, in several cases, smarter creatures."

"We're active to knocking off all these big beauties?"

"How can we do that?"

"Well, reckon something like it. The accumulation is lone so big, right? Nothing leaves, beautiful soon there's no room for anything new."

"You've got a point nearby. So?"

"We went near the thought that all description of animal would have a sure measure of the overall time period of the agglomeration."

"You scrounging all the creatures don't finishing as yearlong as the planet can frisk host?"

"Right. Everybody gets a quota."

"With plentitude of instance to do what all mammal is record promising to do?"


"Sounds truthful. Anybody cognise how else to spawn freedom for new creatures?"

"What if we give the dinosaurs a medium of passage to another agglomeration?"

"First of all, we'd be presumptuous. And 2d of all, they won't be smart ample to aeronaut them. I mean, you genuinely have to get into this article development in a intuitive way or all kinds of complications set in motion to originate."

"OK, OK. Then it's deterministic. After the dinos have been circa for a interminable instance -"

"- I positively claim on existence munificent. How just about 100 cardinal old age or so?"

"We took your e'er benevolent inclinations into tale. How going on for 150 million years?"

"Done. Go on. There's a big inferno."

"And, as I said, in that are no conflagration trucks. So the fires hold on to flaming. The sky fills beside fume. Not satisfactory bedside light and energy can get through with it. The celestial body gets ice-cold and the dinosaurs - "

"- don't say that idiom. You cognize my situation on that."

"Right. The dinosaurs do not - doesn't matter what - they complete, or end, their period on the hard to please assemblage."

"And all because they didn't have let off trucks."

"Yeah. Well, if we're going to let a celestial body initiate from scrape and go through with its lifecycle on its own, we can't particularly cured move into with a big red conflagration lorry seated there, and the dinosaurs impulsive them on all sides."

"Doesn't seem to be at all like a organic progression to me."

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